Civil War Prison Camp    

Latest Discoveries

Musket Ball found at Camp Blackshear 2013.
June 24th-June 28th 2013, the Better Hometown Program hosted a team of archaeologists from Georgia Southern University. The team, consisting of undergraduate and graduate students and led by Professor Lance Green, conducted in-depth studies of particular areas within Camp Blackshear. 

Dr. Green, who has also been intimately involved in the Camp Lawton/Millen POW Camp excavation and study, is excited about the discoveries made during the dig. "The story is beginning to unfold. The process is like a puzzle, and we are starting to see the big picture," states Green.  

Discoveries made during the dig include a couple of campfire sites from which conclusions relating to diet, duration of encampment, and camp layout may be reached; a well-preserved Union uniform button; a Confederate musket ball; and several other artifacts which require additional analysis. 

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